Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA)

What is BCA ?

  • New 4 year semester-based academic program of T.U
  • Course containing database, Networking, Data structure, C, java, Financial Accounting, Maths, Mobile Programming, Applied Eco., Software Engineering, E-business, Networking, IT in Banking, Hotel, Enterprise, Resource Planning and more.
  • Used in Business, Healthcare, Transportation, Education, Training, Governance, Administration etc.

Objectives of the BCA

  • To produce high quality computer application users and developers
  • To develop understanding of existing and emerging IT & their impact on MIS.
  • Scope of the Course:To design and develop database; using IT in wider world of society and workforce
  • To produce HR to think critically, communicate clearly & solve complex issues.
  • To enable working efficiency.
  • To develop ability to work in a team and lead innovation in the workplace.

Scope of Course

  • Software Programming
  • System and Networking Administration
  • Web Designing
  • Information Technology
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Computer Support Service Specialization
  • Computer System Analysis
  • Database Administration
  • Information System Management
  • Software Developing and Publishing
  • Teaching and Lecturing
  • Media Print and Publishing House Management
  • Self Business innovation


Why to choose BCA at RR Campus ?

  • RR is the oldest & trusted Humanities and Social Sciences Campus in Nepal
  • Well-equipped class room, computer & hardware lab
  • Experienced & qualified faculties, well-equipped library
  • Individually caring environment for ┬áthe students
  • Exposure, guest lectures, talks, trainings & seminars
  • Job placement and internship
  • Co-curricular activities
  • Affordable fee and scholarship support.