Financial progress

Income of Last year

Last year, RR Campus received a total of Rs. 14,35,69,274.13 from various sources. The analysis of the those sources has been presented in Table 8.

S. N. Income Heading Resource Details Income in NRs.
1 Self-generated Resource Student’s Fees 2,76,35,275.00
2 Grants from Government Sources UGC/TU 11,59,33,999.13
Other Government Bodies
3 Other Sources
4 Total 14,35,69,274.13

Expenditure of Last year

The expenditure analysis of the last academic year has been detailed in Table 9:

SN Expenditure Title Expenditure Details Expenditure in NRs.
1 Recurrent Expenses Salary and Others 11,32,81,242.75
2 Capital Expenditure Major infrastructures Development, minor Infrastructures Development, Equipment,


Total 11,54,09,194.02