Issues and Challenges

Short Run Issues and Challenges

  1. Inadequate and Inappropriate Number of Classrooms:

The prominent issue or challenge of RR Campus is the inadequate number of classrooms. Room sizes are inappropriate. Similarly, there are too huge rooms that can occupy 200 plus students, which were fit 15 years ago. For semester classes, they are inappropriate.

Moreover, electronic devices like computer, printer, projectors are not sufficient for all departments that have MA programmes.

  1. Political Hindrances:

Political hindrances like strikes and lockouts of administrative offices by units of students’ organizations. All students in RR Campus are not only admitted for achieving higher level education but also for the political purposes of various parties. They are here for the presence of their parties too. The best witness of the political hindrance is the plugging of hoarding boards of units of students organizations in front of the campus gate, which has shaded the campus logo too.

  1. Ambiguous Legislative provisions:

Legislative provisions are ambiguous, which have created misunderstanding in various cases like students’ fees rate, admission time, freeship for intelligent students, examination form fill-up provision, health facility, game facilities, transfer, prescription letters etc. and many more.

  1. Shortage of water supply:

Shortage of water supply is a big challenging problem for various years. RR Campus has been deprived of ground water too due to the ultra-deep boring drilling by the adjoining Model Hospital.

  1. Various Inadequacies:

We have not been able to manage e-journal facility. Similarly, we have not been able to make a webpage of the campus. Similarly, we have not prepared brochure of our campus. Moreover, we have not been able to manage high-broadband internet facility in all departments. Furthermore, we have not been able to manage sufficient number of books in the library, and a gallery room, and etc.

Long Run Issues and Challenges

The age-old infrastructure installed in the early days of its establishment is the major long-run challenge where all these academic programmes are continually running till date.

The following are the attention-seeking long-run challenges:

  1. Inadequate rooms and social sciences labs:

There are insufficient department offices for all subjects and labs for social sciences. Department offices share rooms. Moreover, many programs in different shifts are jointly administrated in the same room due to the shortage of rooms. Similarly, necessary social sciences labs have not been installed till now.

  1. Section Breaking:

Section breaking has been another problem RR Campus is facing for many years. More than 500 students are put into one room. Duet to the lack of the classrooms, section  breaking has been a problem.

  1. Implementation of semester programme:

Implementation of Semester program does not seem to be as easy it was thought following the global trends. In a country like ours, it is still a difficult task. All faculty members are not equally trained and properly knowledgeable about the program. The biggest problem is the technical staff in the campus. Maintaining register and taking mid-term tests and maintaining marks and keeping the records of all the necessary marks and phone numbers and everything else is a big challenge. For this, it is essential to train more required manpower. TU official manpower is not so well trained. New skills have been the current need. With the foreseeable burden, TU office employees do not seem to be fascinated by trainings and skills.

  1. Maintaining cost of Infrastructure:

The maintenance cost of old infrastructure in each year is an extra burden.

  1. Hygiene, Parking, Narrow Playground and Others:

Problem like narrow  ground, hygienic class rooms, vehicles parking, insufficient water supply, and noise pollutions are various other challenges of RR Campus.

 Mitigation Measures to the Issues and Challenges (Recommendation)

  1. The old infrastructure of the campus’s establishment period should be replaced and installed a new one.
  2. At least, 10 class rooms should be managed with multimedia facilities and cctv camera installations for their safety for semester classes.
  3. Teaching materials and other required equipment should be provided in time.
  4. Political hindrances should be minimized in the best possible way.
  5. Legislative provisions should be clear and easily understandable. There should be clear instructions for admitting children, running all programs etc.
  6. The library should be made up-to-date with required books, e-journal, and research journals, and internet facility. One computer lab with JSTOR registration is the urgent need. Moreover, a gallery room for meeting should be managed.
  7. Two well-equipped assembly halls have to be managed for conducting seminars and meeting of the campus. The journalism hall has become too congested now.