Physical Progress

Infrastructural Development:

There are four buildings in RR Campus. The White old building was constructed during the tenure of Krishna Raj Aryal in 2024. This building consists of 17 rooms. Similarly, the Red old building was constructed by Padmasana Shakya who was the principal from 2037 to 2043 during her tenure. The old Yellow Building was constructed during the tenure of Ram Prasad Bhattarai, who stayed in the post from 2048 to 2059. The Ground Floor of the New building, which is still under construction or which is yet to be completed, was constructed during the tenure of Sunil Kumar Paudel, and the First and the Second Floor were constructed under the tenure of Gopal Chandra Pokharel. Recently, a gallery is being constructed at the top of the old Yellow Building very soon. To sum up, RR Campus has a snail-pace progress in infrastructure development. Thus, renovation and reconstruction of RR Campus is going on after 10 years due to the earthquake facility program.


There were no semester classes up to the previous years. The new classes of semesters have been added from this year. But, infrastructural development has not been improved. Available rooms are not also suitable for the installations of necessary audio-visual infrastructures that are to be added in these classrooms. It has been essential to add multi-media facilities in those classrooms. Those classrooms size and constructions are not appropriate for classroom discussions, powerpoint presentations etc