Plan for Addressing the Issues and Challenges

Plan for Addressing the Issues and Challenges

RR Campus has prepared physically viable or feasible plans to promote semester system and its base BA programmes by enriching physical facilities and infrastructure. The plans have been presented in physical, academic and financial headings:

 Physical Plan

  1. a) Affordable extension of new classrooms in the near future by constructing new buildings utilizing the playground has been planned.
  2. b) At least immediate enrichment of 15 available classrooms by installing new furniture and multi-media facilities for semester classes has been under consideration.
  3. c) Immediate management of separate department rooms with proper facility and along with one computer, printer (examination and other contingencies programme) and one technical employee have been planned to manage.

Academic Plan

Regarding the seriousness of the program, RR Campus has planned to enrich academics of the Campus. For this, RR Campus has decided to manage the following:

  1. a) Adequate number of books in the library, e-journals
  2. b) Publication of research journals
  3. c) Internet facility
  4. d) Teacher-oriented trainings
  5. e) Staff training
  6. f) Other required facilities

Financial Plan

Finance is the backbone of all programs and plans. To ensure the installation of all required facilities in the campus, for the enrichment of academics, RR Campus has a concrete financial plan too.

To manage the finance for the management of funds for all the above mentioned facilities, we have tentatively calculated its earning and financial status (an estimated expenditure, income and resource gap):

 Expected Income of Semester Programmes:                      

S.N. Title NRs.
1 Students fee 19,70,000/-
2 Self-resources 35,00000/-
3 TU/ UGC/Grant 11,59,33,999/13
4 Government Direct Assistance *
5 Others/Non-Governmental *
Total 12,14,03,999.13/-


 Expected Expenditure of Semester Programme

S.N. Title NRs.
1 Construction of new building 20,00,00,000/-
2 Department room and furnishing 5,00,000/-
3 Class Room furnishing 15,00,000/-
4 Computer, Printer, Projector etc. 10,00,000/-
5 Library, e-journal 6,00,000/-
6 Publication of academic research journal 2,00,000/-
7 Teacher staff training 5,00,000/-
8 Teacher staff  facilities 10,00,000/-
Total 20,53,00,000/-


Resource Gap

Expected total Income in NRs. Expected  total expenditure in NRs. Resource Gap in NRs.


12,14,03,999/13 20,53,00,000/- 8,38,96,001/-