Why do We Study Sociology at Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus?

Sociology is an increasingly popular subject in the Tribhuwan University. Thousands of students have been admitted in this subject annually in different colleges. Significant number of students in sociology have been admitted each year in Ratna Rajya Laxmi campus. Here are five very good reasons to study Sociology at RR Campus.

  1. We have young energetic team
  2. Sound educational environment
  3. Sociology students report high levels of student satisfaction
  4. Past Result is better
  5. RR campus is centrally located
  6. Evening shift for MA semester and day shift for BA program is available


Sociology is the scientific study of human society. Main objective of sociology is to study human interaction scientifically and analyze the relationship between human and society. It studies the facts about how individuals are associated with and affected by each other. Hence, sociology is the subject that concerns with human and his/her relationship with institutions like family, education, economy, religion, politics, law and alike. It explains us how and why human behaviors are shaped by local, regional, national and global context. Multiple aspects of individuals and society are studied in sociology.

Through its different theoretical perspectives sociology as a leading subject in social science deals how society can be understood? What kind of relationship exists between society and human beings? How to understand critically the social issues and its processes? How to understand the relationship between individuals and units of social structure? Thus, students who have been well trained in sociology know how to think critically about human social life, social process, social change and development as well.

Eligibility for Admission

Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus is offering Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree program in sociology. A Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline with any subject from TU or any other universities recognised by TU are eligible to apply for M. A. Programme in sociology. Similarly, with + 2 level in any subject are eligible to apply for Bachelor of Arts (BA) in sociology. An applicant seeking admission to M.A. Sociology must appear in an entrance examination of one hour’s duration conducted by the Office of the Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tribhuvan University.

Curriculum Structure of Master’s Level in Sociology

The course Sociology offers altogether 18 papers and a compulsory thesis in fourth semester. Out of them there are 14 compulsory papers from first to fourth semester.

First Semester

Paper Code No. Title of Course Credit hrs. Remarks
1. So561 Introduction to Sociology 3  


2. So562 Qualitative Research Methods in Sociology 3
3. So563 Structural-functional Approach 3
4. So564 Caste and Class 3
5. So565 Theories of Social Change and Development 3


Second Semester

Paper Code No. Title of Course Credit hrs. Remarks
1. So571 Marxist Perspective 3  


2. So572 Quantitative Research Methods in Sociology 3
3. So573 Practice of Social Change and Development in Asia 3 *Optional any three
4. So574 Politics and Society: Interface between Nation, State and the Globe 3
5. So575 Sociology of Health 3
6. So576 Household and Family in Transition 3


Third Semester

Paper Code No. Title of Course Credit hrs. Remarks
1. So581 World-System Perspective 3  


2. So582 Basic Statistics in Sociological Research** 3
3. So583 Sociology of Gender 3  


any three

4. So584 Identity, Inequality and Intersectionality 3
5. So585 Migration, Social Network, Remittance and Development 3
6. So586 Sociology of Ageing and Disability 3
7. So587 Power Leadership, Governmentality, and Development 3
8. So588 Urban Sociology 3
9. So589 Sociology of Disaster 3


Fourth Semester

Paper Code No. Title of Course Credit hrs. Remarks
1. So 591 Agency/Micro versus Structure/Macro Perspectives 3  


2. So 592 Survey Research and Computer Data Analysis  (Practical)** 3
3. So 593 Thesis 6
4. So 594 Gender, Power and Sexuality 3  


any one

5. So 595 Changing Livelihoods 3
6. So 596 Market and Society 3
7. So597 Sociology of Education 3
8. So598 Sociology of Tourism 3
9. So599 Research Design and Writing 3

*Optional courses will be offered on the basis of availability of teaching faculty and number of students.